The Leaders of Transparency

Braga - 26 and 27 September 2022



¡Participate in the Transparency Congress of the leaders of the present to build the leaders of the future!

Participate in theSummit held in Portugal focused on leadership in the field of Open Government and Transparency

Opengov Leadership 2022 will have place the next 26 and 27 of September 2022 in the town of Braga.

65 € in person

30 € online

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EVENT OPENING day 26, 10h

Bridge: Ricardo Rio
Mayor Braga


Bridge: Juan Manuel Gómez Roa
President of Dyntra ivzw

Bridge: Gonçalo de Sampaio
Partner of JEDC and president of the Portuguese group of AIPPI-International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property,
representative before the Intellectual Property Institute of the European Union

Bridge: Rita Milhões
Lawyer, Official Industrial Property Agent,
representative before the Intellectual Property Institute of the European Union

11h Coffee Break


Bridge: Antonio Saraiva
President of the Portuguese Business Confederation.

Orador: Ricardo Costa
President of the Minho Business Association

Bridge: Luis Miguel Ribeiro
President Portuguese Business Association

free lunch


Moderator: Sara Balonas
Professor/Researcher University of Minho

Bridge: André Silva
Member of the Assembly of the Republic in the 13th and 14th legislatures

Bridge: Miguel Catela
Professor Universidade Lusíada

15h Interval for Coffee


Bridge: Ana Gloria Gomez
Director General Dynamic and Vice President of Dyntra IWZv

Orador: Nelson Oliveira
Lousada City Councilor

Bridge: Joana Almeida
Councilor for the Department of Urbanism and Transparency and Combating Corruption of the Lisboa City Council

Bridge: Manuel Ferreira Ramos
Coordinator of the Center for the Evaluation of Local Elected.

Bridge: Marisa Neves
Head of the Support Unit for Local Authorities of the Maia Municipal Chamber

Orador: Rogério Alves
Vice Presidente Camara Municipal Ponte de Sor

6:00 p.m. Delivery of Awards for Recognition of the Chambers with the highest Transparency index.



Bridge: Juan Manuel Gómez Roa
SEO Dynamic OpenGov Technologies

Bridge: Tiago Gaspar

Bridge: Rui Shantilal
Sócio Gerente INTEGRITY


Bridge:  Manuel Baltar
President of Ourense Provincial Council

10h30 coffee interval


Moderator:  Paulo Neves
President of IPDAL, Institute for the Promotion and Development of Latin America

Bridge:  Nelson Faria de Oliveira
General Secretary of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Jurists

Bridge:  Erwin de Grave
International experiences of the DYNTRA index

CLOSING OF THE EVENT.  day 27 as 12h30h

Bridge: Pedro Cegonho
Deputy, Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe


Antonio Saraiva

President of the Portuguese Business Confederation.

Juan Manuel Gómez Roa

President of Dyntra ivzw

Guillermo de Llera

Director de Dyntra en Portugal

Erwin de Grave

Vice-President of Dyntra ivzw

José Manuel Baltar

President of Ourense Provincial Council

Ana Gloria Gomez

Directora General Dynamic y vicepresidenta de Dyntra IWZv

Nelson Faria de Oliveira

General Secretary of the Portuguese-Speaking Community of Jurists

Gonçalo de Sampaio

Partner of JEDC and president of the Portuguese group of AIPPI
-International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property

Rita Milhais

Lawyer, Official Industrial Property Agent,
representative before the European Union Intellectual Property Institute

André Silva

Member of the Assembly of the Republic in the 13th and 14th legislatures

Tiago Gaspar


Rui Shantilal

Managing Partner Integrity

Luis Miguel Ribeiro

President of the Portuguese Business Confederation.

Miguel Catela

Professor Universidade Lusíada

Joana Almeida

Councilor for the Department of Urbanism and Transparency and Combating Corruption of the Lisboa City Council

Paulo Neves

President of the IPDAL, Institute for the Promotion and Development of Latin America

Nelson Oliveira

Vereador Camara Municipal de Lousada

Marisa Neves

Head of the Support Unit for Local Authorities of the Maia Municipal Chamber

Rogério Alves

Vice President Municipal Chamber Ponte de Sor

Ricardo Costa

President of the Minho Business Association

Sara Balonas

Professor/Researcher University of Minho


Link your brand image, product and service to the field of Open Government, within the Public Administration and Institutions.



(Open to 3 companies / institutions, no competition)

Excellent image

Remarkable presence in all actions of the event

Specific Presentation

Presentation in the staff of experts within an innovation table: topic related to efficiency, effectiveness, savings or transparency in the Public Administration

Book sponsorship

"Public Transparency Yearbook. Transparency Leaders at Portugal 2022."

Welcome Pack + Logo

As the main sponsor, the possibility of including your logo in the informative Welcome Pack that will be given to all attendees is offered.

Special action

Opening of the OpenGov Leadership dinner.



(Oriented to companies, organizations and institutions. Maximum quota of 15 sponsors)

Welcome Pack

Mention in the Welcome Pack that will be delivered to all participants


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